Hilmar Supplementary Environmental Project (SEP)

On March 16, 2006, the Central Valley Water Quality Control Board and the Hilmar Cheese Company entered into a settlement agreement regarding Administrative Civil Liability Complaint No. R5-2005-0501. This settlement required Hilmar to fund a Supplementary Environmental Project (SEP).  The SEP is an interdisciplinary study of the management of salinity in wastewater in the California food processing industry.This study was conducted by a multidisciplinary team including economists, hydrogeologists, engineers and policy analysts.  The study is reported in three volumes. Volume I was authored by David Sunding and Mark Berkman. Volume II was authored by Yoram Rubin, Pascual Benito, Gretchen Miller, John McLaughlin, Zhangshuan Hou, Slawomir Hermanowicz, Ulrich Mayer, and Dmitriy Silin. Volume III was authored by David Sunding, Mark Berkman, Stephen Hamilton, Todd Anderson, Michael Kavanaugh, Jatal Mannapperuma, and David Zilberman.

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